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XM 400w 15,000K (qty 2) XM 400w 15,000K (qty 2)
Kessil A350/A350W Tuna Blue Kessil A350/A350W Tuna Blue
AquaIllumination 48" Sol White 4xModule LED w/ Controller AquaIllumination 48
XM 250w 15,000K XM 250w 15,000K
Hamilton 150w 10000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI Hamilton 150w 10000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI

Early Christmas 30% Off Sale - Last Day!


Today is the final day of our 30% off sale.  We still of tons of items to choose from (skimmers, lights, additives, fish, coral, etc) and everything in stock is 30% off!  Hurry in and save!

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