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Available 3/6/13


Black Ocellaris Clownfish
Blue Hippo Tang
Clarkii Clownfish
Coral Beauty
Diamond Sleeper Goby
File Fish
Flame Angel
Klein's Butterfly
Red Dottyback
Sailfin Tang
Sixline Wrasse
Snowflake eel
Square Anthias
True Percula Clownfish
Valentini Puffer
Volitan Lion
Yellow Tang

Astrea Snails
Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
Brittle Starfish
Cleaner Shrimp
Emerald Crabs
Green Gracillaria
Mexican Turbo Snails
Nassarius Snails
Peppermint Shrimp
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Sand Sifting Starfish

Assorted Frags
Australian Honeycomb Moonstone
Blue Ridge Coral
Cabbage Leather
Frogspawn Coral
Fungia Plat Coral
Galaxea Coral
Green Leptastrea
Green Star Polyps
Green Wellsophyllia
Hammer Coral
Hollywood Stunner Chalice
Pink Chalice
Purple Montipora
Red Montipora
Red Mushrooms
Red/Green Wellsophyllia
Spaghetti Leather
Spotted Mushrooms
Striped Mushrooms
Toadstool Leather
Trumpet Coral
Ultra Aussi Scolymia
Yellow Leather