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Hamilton 250w 14000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI (qty 2) Hamilton 250w 14000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI (qty 2)
260 Gallon Rectangle 260 Gallon Rectangle
Loc-Line 3/4 inch Round Nozzle Loc-Line 3/4 inch Round Nozzle
Montipora Cap - Green Montipora Cap - Green
18" True Lumen 18 Watt 460NM Actinic HO T-5 Lamp - (qty 6) 18

Live Arrival Guarantee


Eco Reef offers a Live Arrival Guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase from Eco Reef. The corals we ship are aqua-cultured here in our shop and are free from all defects and diseases. Please keep temperature and weather in mind when placing your order. Eco Reef cannot be held responsible for livestock that sits unattended outside in extreme weather. If the package is not accepted on the first delivery all Live Arrival Guarantees are Void.

Any corals that do not arrive alive will be credited back to your next order or shipped once shipping fees are received. Credit must be used within 30 days of the date given or credit will be void. Credit is not usable towards free shipping and we will not replace replacement livestock or livestock bought by store credit.

Our Live Arrival policy does not cover any shipping costs including heat packs and Styrofoam boxes. If livestock fails to survive the shipping process or UPS does not deliver on time, you must inform us immediately. Eco Reef must be notified within three hours of delivery via email of any DOAs. Emails must include a detailed message of the coral(s) and the problem(s) as well as a digital photo of the DOA(s).

A signature is required upon delivery of your order, failure to provide a signature will result in a void in the Live Arrival Guarantee. Any packages left on the door step or in the garage will also void the Live Arrival Guarantee. If no one will sign for the package or you are unavailable to sign, have the package delivered to your nearest UPS location. If the package is refused, Eco Reef is not liable for any loss and we reserve the right to refuse future business with any individual who does not sign and accept the package. Packages that are sent to a place of employment or picked up after the promised delivery time at a UPS location will be declined of the guarantee.

Corals are very delicate; water parameters must be within the following to insure proper acclimation and future health for your new coral(s).

  • Ammonia – 0.0 ppm
  • Nitrite – 0.0 ppm
  • Nitrate – 0.0-30 ppm
  • pH – 8.1-8.4
  • Specific gravity – 1.020-1.026
  • Temperature – between 75 - 83 F and constant
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