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Welcome to Eco Reef!!


Welcome to Eco Reef, West Michigan’s only saltwater-dedicated aquarium store, with over 3,000 gallons of live fish and coral on display.  Whether you’re looking to start your first aquarium or you’ve been keeping saltwater aquariums for 20 years, you can find everything you need at Eco Reef.  We’ll show you how keeping a saltwater aquarium can be as easy as keeping a goldfish.  For the aquarium lover who wants to look but not touch, Eco Reef also offers aquarium design, installation, and maintenance services.  Come down to Eco Reef and see the beautiful fish and coral on display – our selection changes every week, so you never know what you’re gonna see...

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Monday: 3pm - 8pm
Wednesday: 3pm - 8pm
Friday: 3pm - 8pm
Saturday: 12pm - 5pm

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WavePoint 54 Watt 12,000K/460nm HO T-5 Bundle (qty 6) WavePoint 54 Watt 12,000K/460nm HO T-5 Bundle (qty 6) $89.94



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Hamilton 150w 10000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI (qty 2) Hamilton 150w 10000K (DOUBLE-ENDED) HQI (qty 2) $95.98
Hamilton 250w 20,000K (qty 2) Hamilton 250w 20,000K (qty 2) $105.98
60 Gallon Pentagon 60 Gallon Pentagon $399.00
XM 250w 10,000K XM 250w 10,000K $69.00
650 Gallon Rectangle 650 Gallon Rectangle $7,228.00
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